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Diverse Learning Environments


Play-based curriculum allows children to learn the skills they need in a structured environment with the help and supervision of an experienced teacher who knows how to take interests and experiences and turn them into learning moments. We engage all senses in learning which increases their ability to learn. 

Contact us to learn more about how we incorporate all kinds of fun themes into our program!

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Both TK and Pre-K students will enroll in Kindergarten the following year. TK follows the same daily structure of elementary school, while Pre-K is more play-based. Not all children who qualify for TK based on their birthdate will be best suited for TK. Your child's teacher and Preschool Director can help you decide if TK would be the best option for your child.

Social Group

Social skills groups are where several children come together to improve their social interactions with their peers. These groups help teach children some fundamentals for social interaction like problem solving and joint attention. However, while the children are learning these needed skills, they are also playing and having fun.

Through these groups, children gain lifelong skills that will help them to interact confidently throughout their lifetime. Children will learn skills like anger management, initiating conversation, understanding emotions, reading body language, and so much more.

With a small and appropriate group, we conduct social groups every afternoon! 

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